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Proud to be playing a leading role for over 60 years.

We seek to provide effective, efficient and responsive service to the persons we support.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving community that offers meaningful work, full community inclusion and one that advances citizenship. We will be a diverse agency where friendships are formed, where persons served have a high quality of life and are looking forward to tomorrow. Those we serve will remain as the heart and anchor of our organization.

SCACL's response to COVID-19

Effectively immediately: Wednesday March 25th

A Public Health Order issued by Vancouver Coastal Health:

The order states

“Vancouver Coastal Health prohibits long-term care staff and volunteers (with the exception of physicians, paramedics and laboratory technicians) from working at more than one health care facility”

This will affect SCACL staff, and our current schedules.
SCACL is currently working closely with CUPE on how to mitigate the impact of this policy. There will be some staff re-deployed and shifts may change.

Extra Hygiene Precautions

We are implementing stricter and more prescriptive measures in all our programs to improve community social distancing and improve hygiene. 

New SCACL Residential Visitor Policy

Based on information from both Public Health and CLBC, SCACL is restricting visitors to all residential facilities completely. This is to reduce the risk of exposure to CV-19 for both residents and staff. This restriction will be in place for fourteen days and will be effective immediately. (The fourteen days is based on the known incubation period of the virus). Family visitation, home visits, and in-house massage will all be suspended. SCACL will evaluate the need to extend the lockdown at the end of the 14-day period. During the visitor free period SCACL will do everything they can to maintain virtual contact with family members. We thank you for your understanding and support at this time.


Protective supplies are limited throughout the province and we are working to expand our sources, for now we are equipped.

Groceries are now being ordered online only and we have a dedicate delivery person.

Remote Administrative Services

SCACL has moved to provide administrative services remotely.

The Executive Director (Clarence) will be in the office twice per week to check on the facility and to check for mail – this will be Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Phones are forwarding to the appropriate manager from our main line.

All SCACL admin staff will remain available by phone text and email and ALL are working.

Respite /Homeshare

All respite through SCACL is to cease except for “essential respite” as defined by CLBC

Contact the Community Service Manager (Randy) about your respite provision and he will guide you if it fits the “essential” criteria.

Homeshare supported individuals should remain at home as much as possible – contact Randy if you need support in this area.

Vocational Services

Vocational Services have also moved to remote and essential only.

All Supported Employment jobs have been ceased.

We will talk to each individual and assess the impact of the income wage loss and assess possible wage redress.Staff will talk to our individuals’ employers and advocate to maintain the jobs post crisis.

Lifeskill/Community Inclusion Supports

Many individuals have ceased service due to the choice of the family

A few staff will provide careful outreach services and will follow strict hygiene practices.

Independent Living

We are developing individualized plans for each person we serve in this program and we will look at housing security, food security, home safety and medical needs for each. Staff that offer supports will do so remotely and in a dedicated one to one drop off service format.

Social Connection and Mental Wellness

To combat social isolation for persons served we are asking staff to encourage the individuals they support to have at least one daily outside contact – by phone, skype, ZOOM or other social media.  A dedicated Facebook page for social contact will be set up.

We are going to encourage our Self-Advocate committee to keep in touch and continue to work remotely.

We welcome your questions and concerns, and in order to streamline responses please contact SCACL Managers as follows:


Agency and Provincial Questions, Publicity Clarence Li 604-993-0399
Health and Safety, Programming and Operations Xerez Haffenden 604-740-1561
Staffing, Schedules and Human Resources Laurie Maguire 604-989-7880
Homeshare and Respite Randy Younghusband 604-740-2608
Finances and Accounts Sonja Hugi 604 989 1772


Residential Options

Supported Employment


Day Services

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