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SCACL Board of Directors

Susan Blockberger – President

Dr. Susan Blockberger has been a member of SCACL’s Board of Directors since January, 2017. She is a retired speech-language pathologist, having worked for almost forty years with nonspeaking individuals who use alternative communication systems. She believes passionately in the rights of every individual to have their voices heard, and to have a good quality of life including access to life-long learning opportunities. She learned of SCACL through a family friend, and quickly realized that this was an innovative organization with caring and committed staff who supported individuals with disabilities in our community. She joined the board in the hopes that she could contribute and support SCACL in their mission to provide opportunities for full citizenship for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Nancy Brindley – Past President

Nancy joined the Board in 2012. She developed an interest in serving people with developmental disabilities as a teenager through her involvement with an adult named Doreen. For many years, Doreen joined her family for holidays and weekends. Having spent over 30 years in education, she had the opportunity to work with individuals with a variety of special needs. Along with her husband she became involved with SCACL in the late 90’s when he decided to volunteer for the organization and became a good friend with one of the individuals served. Nancy also coached Special Olympics bowling for a year. Her passion is people and building healthy communities. In the context of SCACL, Nancy’s goal is to support Clarence, the Executive Director in creating a vibrant, happy and safe community for staff and persons served such that they “look forward to what the next day will bring”.

Sally Thicke – Vice-President

Sally Thicke, now retired, comes to her work on the SCACL Board from a career in education; a special education teacher, elementary and secondary classroom teacher, and school Principal.  Much of her professional work was spent advocating and creating opportunities for learners of all abilities, often where none seemed to exist.  Sally brings a passion for inclusion, equity and full access citizenship.  Sally also enjoys the outdoors and is an enthusiastic supporter of opportunities for playing, learning and growing in the natural.  She is excited to be a part of this positive, caring, forward thinking Board.

Anders McKinnon – Treasurer

Anders McKinnon is the original Brewmaster/Production manager at Persephone Brewing Company in Gibsons. He became aware of SCACL when he was introduced to the founders of Persephone, and was inspired by their commitment to community by partnering with SCACL. Through early childhood interactions, personal relationships, and co-workers, Anders developed an appreciation and admiration for the unique qualities of individuals with developmental disabilities. He joined the Board of Directors in 2018 as a way of serving his community, continuing to grow the partnership between Persephone and SCACL.

Katryn Harris- Secretary

Katryn Harris joined the Board in 2019.  She spent a number of years in L’Arche communities living with people with developmental disabilities (1993-96 in Trosly, France, then until 2001 in Vancouver and Lethbridge) and building community with them.  She has worked in translation, technology and project management; including building and running a software development company (Open Box Integration) from 2005 until 2018.  Katryn’s focus in business was empowering people to pursue their passion by making technology a tool that serves them rather than the opposite.  She is fascinated by people and their stories and how they tell those stories.  Katryn has been gifted through relationships with many of the people with disabilities she has known and lived with, and looks forward to more great relationships through involvement with SCACL.


Paul Davis – Self-Advocate Representative

Paul Davis is the Self-Advocate representative on the Board. As a person who has received services from SCACL for several decades, he brings a unique and valuable perspective to the Board table. Paul is interested in encouraging social opportunities and community connections amongst persons served by SCACL, and also between SCACL and the wider community at large. 

Debbie Amaral – Director

Debbie Amaral first joined the SCACL Board in 2008 in her position as District Principal, Student Support Services. Much of Debbie’s teaching career was focused on working with children with special needs. During her time as a special education administrator she was instrumental in developing and implementing a continuum of support for parents of children, birth to age five and for children from kindergarten to graduation. After her retirement from the school district, Debbie chose to remain on the board. Now a registered psychologist in private practice, Debbie continues to advocate for individuals with a variety of special needs. Debbie enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren who also live on the Sunshine Coast. She likes to walk, hike, cycle, swim and travel.

Bob Ware- Director

Bob Ware first joined the board in 1999.  He brings a wealth of experience and background knowledge to board table discussions.  Bob is a professor emeritus of the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, and a parent of a person served by SCACL.

Mishelle Brydges – Director

Joining the board in 2019, Mishelle comes from a professional background in movement education and with the perspective gained from many experiences as a parent advocate. She joined the SCACL board of directors with hope, wanting to share her passion for education and for creative innovation to develop new opportunities for growth within our Sunshine Coast community for people with diverse abilities.